An Apostille is a French word meaning “certification.” It is a device that many governments, both foreign and domestic, use to certify that a document is genuine.

In 1961 many nations joined to create a simplified method of “legalizing” documents for universal recognition. This group of nations is known as the Hague Convention. They adopted a document referred to as an Apostille that is internationally recognized by all member nations.

In the USA the Apostille Certificate can be obtained through the office of the Secretary of State in each of the 50 states. For countries outside of the USA the Apostille can be obtained thorough the office of the Foreign Ministry.

If you use our Kansas Proxy Marriage Service and plan to submit the Marriage Certificate to the government of a NON HAGUE country, we can obtain for you a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION, from the Office of the Secretary of State in Kansas. This certifciate certifies that that the Kansas Marriage Certificate is both AUTHENTIC AND VALID.

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