Why Choose
a Proxy Marriage?

  • Join Your Future Military Spouse Overseas
  • Be Stationed Together!
  • Bring Your Foreign Fiance to the USA
  • Get Military Benefits Now!
  • Free Consultation with a US Immigration Attorney
  • We Offer Military Discounts & Payment Plans

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Listen to Sam Geller answer questions about the proxy marriage process, benefits and legality.

Marriage By Proxy proudly donates a portion of its profits to the Wounded Warrior Project

Forms & Fees

For Military Proxy Marriages, please download the forms on this page, fill them out and fax to: 1-610-644-2860.

For Civilian Proxy Marriages, please follow the instructions on the El Salvador page.

Call us about our additional Seasonal Discounts.

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Experts answer to your Proxy Marriage questions about:

  • Foreign fiancés & immigration issues
  • Divorces and pending divorces
  • Military couples seeking to be stationed together
  • Non-military proxy marriages
  • Discounts & payment plans


Montana Marriage Required Forms

Please complete the following forms either online or by fax - we cannot begin the process until both forms are completed.

Secure Online Forms:

Faxable Forms:
Please print and complete the following two forms then fax them to: 1-610-644-2860.

To complete forms, open and print out the above links and fill them in by typing or printing clearly using black ink.

If you want to e-mail these completed forms, please send them to shmulick@yahoo.com either as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.

After we receive these completed forms we shall e-mail or fax

  • Montana Marriage Application Form
  • Required Affidavit Form 

The required Affidavit Form grants permission for a designated proxy to stand in for you at the marriage ceremony.  This form must be signed and notarized. The Original must be submitted. 

Cost of Our Service

The cost of the Legal USA Proxy Marriage with no travel is $650 after the Military discount if one party is in the Military. This fee includes everything. Call us about our additional Seasonal Discounts.

We can also arrange an easy payment plan for you according to your pay schedule. Please call (877) 482-2406) us or email for more information.

Security of Your Payment

We know that you are concerned about the safety and security of your payment. We recommend that you pay the fee by credit card.  Your credit card company will guarantee the delivery of the service and we will be able to proceed immediately without waiting for a check to clear.  S&B Professional Services, Inc. accepts all major credit cards.

Required Documentation

The bride and the groom must mail (no fax or e-mail) a clear copy of any one of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Military ID
  • Driver's License
  • Passport

If you were previously married, we need to receive a copy of your last final divorce decree.

If you are Actively serving in the Military the only ID that we need is a copy of your Military ID (front and back).

A copy of your social security card (if you have one) unless the number appears on any of the above forms of ID.

The Rubella Blood Test is no longer a mandatory requirement as long as both parties print and sign their ORIGINAL Signatures on a Special B-Form waiver that our company provides. This form does not have to be notarized.

S&B Professional Services, Inc. will only process Double Proxy Marriages for clients who are 18 years or older.

Barbara or Sam will call you to review the forms so all of the paperwork will be clearly understood. 

If there are any questions please call us toll free: (877) 482-2406.

here’s what people say about us

  • Thank you so much for your assistance in getting our marriage official. My husband is currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan with the United States Army and by using your services to obtain our marriage, I was able to make all the arrangements for us to move and many other things that would make his transition home much easier and less stressful for both of us. Our most heartfelt thanks for your prompt service and professionalism."

    - Sgt. Christopher & Patricia Elkins
  • "We are very happy that we chose to get married by Proxy. At the time that we wanted our wedding to take place Patrick was deployed to Afghanistan. Upon his return we did a renewal of our vows and wedding pictures together. We have now been happily married for two years and are pleased to announce the birth of our son Charlie. We truely are blessed."


    - Laura & Patrick
  • "Thank you for your help and making this dream possible even though we are away from the United States. We are more than pleased with your services and would recommend you to anyone in the same situation."

    - Ray & Brandy C.