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Proxy Marriage Legality

Four states in the United States allow proxy marriages.  California, Colorado, Texas, and Montana. California and Colorado's proxy marriage is limited to members of the armed forces who are deployed for conflicts or war. 

California, Colorado, and Texas require that one of parties must appear before the civil authorities.  Montana is the only state that allows a Double Proxy marriage where neither party has to appear before the civil authorities.  For the Montana Marriage Code click here.

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History of Double Proxy Marriages in Montana

The double proxy marriage law goes back to the 1860's when Montana was still a territory. Young men poured into the mining district around Butte hoping to make their fortunes. Montana enacted the double proxy law to enable these men to marry their out of state fiancees. This law has remained on the book since that time.

Recognition of Proxy Marriages

A legal USA proxy marriage is recognized by every state except Iowa if it took place in a state where proxy marriages are legal. A legal proxy marriage is recognized by all branches of the Military.

According to US immigration law a legal proxy marriage is accepted if it is subsequently consummated.

A party of an unconsummated proxy marriage may enjoy immigration benefit as a fiancé if the opposite party is a US citizen, such as applying for a K-1 fiancé Visa.

The best way to get started is to call our office toll free at: (877) 482-2406.  Sam or Barbara will discuss your particular situation and then guide you through the entire process.

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  • Thank you so much for your assistance in getting our marriage official. My husband is currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan with the United States Army and by using your services to obtain our marriage, I was able to make all the arrangements for us to move and many other things that would make his transition home much easier and less stressful for both of us. Our most heartfelt thanks for your prompt service and professionalism."

    - Sgt. Christopher & Patricia Elkins
  • "We are very happy that we chose to get married by Proxy. At the time that we wanted our wedding to take place Patrick was deployed to Afghanistan. Upon his return we did a renewal of our vows and wedding pictures together. We have now been happily married for two years and are pleased to announce the birth of our son Charlie. We truely are blessed."


    - Laura & Patrick
  • "Thank you for your help and making this dream possible even though we are away from the United States. We are more than pleased with your services and would recommend you to anyone in the same situation."

    - Ray & Brandy C.